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Wednesday, 23 October 2019

1099 MISC Form Electronic Filing

An Individual contractor is working for your work in the United States, then you need to File 1099 MISC Form every year. To report your miscellaneous income to the Internal Revenue Service, you must File 1099 Tax Return Form. Otherwise, you may face the penalty charges by the Internal Revenue Service.
The IRS providing two methods, to File IRS Form 1099 MISC Form. They are
Paper Filing
Electronic Filing

Paper Filing:

In the Paper Filing method, you must write your required details like name, mobile number, email id, bank account number, and etc… on the 1099 Filing Documents. The main disadvantage in the paper filing method is, you don’t have a chance to correct your errors in the future. That means if you write any wrong details while the Filing 1099 MISC Form, you will not correct your details in the future. So, be careful filers while Filing 1099 MISC Federal Form. The Paper Filing method is also called as a traditional filing method. Traditional Filing method takes a very long time to File IRS Form 1099 MISC. To avoid all these disadvantages, we are going to the next method. And, that is an Electronic Filing method.

Electronic Filing:

To save your valuable time, use the Online Filing method for the 1099 MISC Form Filing process. In the 1099 MISC Online Filing process, you have a chance to correct your mistakes. That means error correction option is available in the electronic filing process. If you E File 1099 MISC Form, you can finish your Filing 1099 MISC Online process within a few minutes. To use the Electronic Filing process for the 1099 Tax Return Form Filing, you have to follow the below steps. They are
1. Registration
2. Enter the Required Information
3. Choose the category
4. Send it to the IRS

1. Registration:

The first thing you have to do for the 1099 MISC Federal Form Online Filing process is registration. We are providing free registration services for the filers. So, use the opportunity and register on our website with your details. Mainly, for the registration process, you must enter your name, mobile number, and email id. Or if you have an account with our website, then sing into your account. I think you already know how to sign in to your account right? By entering your username and password, you can sign in to your account on our website.

2. Enter the Required Information:

The Necessary details for the IRS 1099 MISC Form Filing are the payer details and the recipient details. Only two cases you have to fill, while 1099 MISC form Preparation. 

Payer Details:

Here, you have to enter the payer legal name, mobile number, email id, and the address of the payer. The Federal Identification Number of the payer is a piece of important information for the 1099 MISC Filing process. At the end of the payer details, you must select the Tax Identification Number Type. In the TIN Type, you have two option, they are Employer Identification Number and the Social Security Number. So, select the correct identification number depends on the Payer identity proof.

Individual Contractor Details:

An Individual contractor, who are working individually? without tie-up with any organization or from any company to any other person. You must enter the recipient details also for the 1099 Miscellaneous Form Online Filing Process. The recipient name, email id, mobile number, and the address is are important information for the E File Form 1099 MISC Form.  To get the payment from the payer, the recipient valid bank account number is necessary. Finally, select the Tax Identification Number is necessary. Either it is an Employer Identification Number or Social Security Number. Depends on the recipient number, select the TIN Type as either EIN or SSN.

3. Choose Category:

You paid the amount to the self – employed workers for many reasons like rent, royalty, crop insurance, fishing proceeds, providing prizes & awards from your company, other any payments, and etc….So, depends on your payment to an individual contractor select the exact category and enter the amount paid by you to the self – employed contractor.

4. Send it to the IRS:

After the Filing process of 1099 Miscellaneous Form, send the E File copy to the IRS. And, send one copy to the recipient.
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