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Monday, 7 January 2019

IRS Form 1099 Misc Instructions

IRS Form 1099 Misc Instructions

Issue 1099 Misc Form 2018 to an independent contractor who receives an amount of $600. IRS Form 1099 Misc 2018 consists of various boxes. You can choose an appropriate box according to the information return you are going to file for.

1. Rents [Box 1 on the 1099-MISC]:

When you make rental payments for your business then fill 1099 Misc Reporting Form.

2. 1099 misc nonemployee compensation [Box 7]:

File 1099 misc online for a worker who is not an employee of your business.

3. Prizes and awards:

If you provide awards for a person from your business you should file 1099 misc fillable form in Box 3. Also, prizes which are not for services performance then you should report it on Box 7 of 1099 miscellaneous form 2018.

4. 1099 misc other income payments:

If any other income payments need to report which are more than $600 then you must file 1099 misc income form.

5. Medical and health care payments [Box 6]:

Any payments made to doctors or for any medical services then you must file form 1099misc.

6. Payments to an attorney [Box 14 or Box 7]:

If you make any payments for legal settlements then must use Box 14 of IRS Form 1099 Misc 2018. 1099 misc box 7 is used for any legal services which are directly interacted with a company/ Payor.

1099 Misc 2018 Exceptions

There are some cases where 2018 form 1099 misc Form is not used. Till now, you have seen that Who Gets a 1099 Misc Form. Now check where you need not to file 1099 Misc Form 2018. Fillable 1099 misc form 2018 should not file and send for S- Corporations and for C-Corporations. Also, for the payments made for merchandise, storage, freight, telephone, or for similar items. Furthermore, when you pay rents to real estate agents/property managers also need not to file IRS Form 1099 Misc 2018. For the salaries given to an employee also not require 1099 misc tax form. Payments happen for tax-exempt organizations & also payments made for business or for a person through credit card or via PayPal.

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